Elahe Ganji

Visiting Graduate Student, 2020-2021 (Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, University of Michigan)

PhD Candidate, 2016-2021 (Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Delaware)

BS, 2016 (Mechanical Engineering, Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan, Iran)

The focus of Elahe's doctoral work is to investigate the effect of repeated loading on structural and functional adaptation of the tendon-to-bone attachment sites like Achilles tendon and the initiation and propagation of damage at this site. Her interdisciplinary work is advised by Dr. Megan Killian, expert in biomechanics and musculoskeletal development, and Dr. Mike Santare, professor of mechanical engineering and expert in damage mechanics. In the Killian lab, Elahe has been involved in developing a light mediated model to contract muscle in genetically modified mice for fine muscle contraction control and utilization of imaging and histological capabilities to investigate effect of loading on formation and the adaptation of Achilles tendon-to-bone attachment to loading. Elahe is motivated to translate her knowledge of mechanics at the tissue level into a career in clinical biomechanics and human movement.

Elahe is passionate about outreach and community engagement. As a graduate student at University of Delaware, Elahe volunteered with the Perry Initiative (2018-2020) in leading hands-on workshops across the USA with a mission to improve female representation in orthopaedic surgery and mechanical engineering, geared towards high school and medical students. At the university level, Women in Engineering as a publicist (2016-2017), co-Chair (2018-2019), and Chair (2019-2020).

In her free time, Elahe enjoys listening to podcasts, running, and playing with her furry dog friend, Bentley.

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